Measuring Activity and Engagement: Dashboards and Reports

What data can be monitored?

There is a variety of activity data generated by members inside of the site.

  • Summary analytics (monthly active users, top search terms)
  • Member profile summaries (ex: last seen, number of connections)
  • Connection details (connection frequency, success rates)
  • Community engagement (Join rates, topic views)
  • Individual activities (profile updates, email opens)

This data is accessed from different areas of the site, as a real-time dashboard, in-browser table, or downloadable CSV report.


The Admin dashboard is the first page that opens when logging into your admin site. The purpose of the dashboard is to provide summary analytics—trend or snapshot—important to the success of your site. Default site dashboard metrics include:

  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Active users, defined as users who performs any activity in the site
  • Top search terms by members
  • Breakdown of the goals and volunteer items selected by members

The dashboard can be edited by Wisr administrators, who can provide custom visualizations based on your program. For example, Yield and Enrollment customers have a dashboard which displays Active Producers and Consumers (percentage of onboarded users who are either actively or passively engaging), activity trend lines, and weekly discussion board and connection metrics.

Wisr currently uses a data visualization tool to present these queries as real-time reports for each site. To inquire about adding or changing items on your dashboard, reach out to us at


The Members, Connections, Communities, Events, and Discussion admin areas each have filterable tables with summary metrics.

For example, running a filter for members who have not yet had a connection can be done in the Active Members section:

These tables can be viewed in your browser or exported to a CSV file. For a full list of exports available within the product, please see Exporting Data from Wisr.

Filtering a table will not change what data is exported. Regardless of which fields are selected as visible or hidden, the export will contain all fields available.

Common Activity to monitor




Timestamp of the last time the member signed up


True/False indicating the member completed the sign-up process

Last Seen

Timestamp of the last time the member was using the site


Total number of one-to-one connections made in the site by the member

Monitoring Connections

Ensuring members are successfully connecting and following throughout chat messages and calls is an important administrative role. Using the downloadable CSV on the Connections page of the Admin site, Wisr appends a column labeled ‘Successful’. If this column has a True, that means there was a successful connection with a chat response. A False means the other member has not responses to the chat message yet.

Activity Log

For administrators that want to dig into their data in greater depth, Wisr provides a full activity log of members in each site. The activity log can be exported to CSV. The URL in your browser also contains the characteristics you filter for, which means you can share the filtered table you are viewing with a colleague or store it for a future report.

In this example, the activity log is filtered for every time a member in the site has joined a community and which community they joined.


Is there a list of all the reports I can download from Wisr?

Yes, please see our article ‘ Exporting Data from Wisr

Can I edit the items on my site’s Dashboard?

Yes, please see the Dashboard section of this article and write to request specific changes to your dashboard.

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