Bulk Updating Active Member Roles and Profile Data

A common use case in Wisr’s software is the graduation of current students, and the need to update their member role from a Student to an Alumni. There are other similar use cases since the addition of custom members roles that allow for more specific member distinction (e.g. Graduate Student, Recent Graduate).

Individually updating a member's record can be accomplished through the Member table on the admin backend, or by Impersonating the member and making direct edits.

To bulk update member data, there are three primary approaches:

  • Member Re-Onboarding
  • Bulk CSV Upload
  • API Triggered

Member Re-Onboarding

This is the preferred vehicle of updates when the user role change will provide additional value-added options for the member. Specifically, when changing from student to alumni, many sites enable the following:

  • Additional ways to volunteer
  • Ability to opt-in as a mentor to students
  • Prompt requiring current employer and position
  • Ability to add a graduate school under academic information

As a refresher, when a member signs up for the first time, they are greeted by an onboarding experience:

You can easily point to the on-boarding process again, where they can change their role, and be prompted by new options. To do this, send them a link to: {yoursite}.wisr.io/welcome

Here is an example email campaign to all graduating students at Denison University, asking for users to update their role and add new options:

If you have students who have questions about this, send them over to our FAQ section on our user help site: https://help.wisr.io/article/242-i-just-graduated-and-need-to-change-my-status-to-alumni-how-do-i-do-that

Bulk CSV Upload

Wisr does not currently support an admin-facing upload that will update active member records. The Wisr customer success team is able to manage a bulk update records.

To request a bulk edit, please reach out to adminhelp@wisr.io. As long as the update is possible, we will need the data that is being updated with the members Wisr ID provided as the lookup value.

API Triggered

Wisr’s API is available to any administrator who requests access. Through the API, you can programmatically update records. To request access, write adminhelp@wisr.io.

One access is granted, each site has its own API Reference with a complete list of all Wisr API endpoints available. Once access is granted, the API reference will be available by https://{yoursite}.wisr.io/docs.

More information on our API is available here: https://adminhelp.wisr.io/article/164-api-setup-and-documentation

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