Goals and Volunteering

This article will provide an overview of the purpose behind goal and volunteering functionality. If you are already familiar with these features, and looking for specifics on configuring them, please refer to Customizing Wisr - Configuring Member Types, Goals, and Volunteer Items.

If member types help to establish ‘who’ is in your site, then goals and volunteering items take on the task of establishing the ‘why’ behind a member joining the program.


Goals are a tool that allow your members to raise their hand as they’re looking for support in the site. Members may select multiple goals indicating they may be looking to learn or accomplish several things by joining Wisr. Goals are accompanied by Next Steps (visible on the member’s dashboard), which are suggested ways to accomplish your goal within Wisr. This can act as a checklist, a tool for admins to share resources, or a mix of the two.

Admins have the power to limit the visibility of goals depending on member type. That means different members could see different options or have goals turned off entirely. This can be a handy approach when thinking about what students need at different points in the student lifecycle. For example, a senior may be more concerned with finding a job after graduation or talking to a recent grad about moving to a major city, while first- and second-year students may be more concerned with major exploration and externship opportunities. As an admin, you can pre-set those options to best guide members towards relevant and accomplishable goals.

Here is a sample of goals, and the corresponding next steps:


Volunteer Items

Volunteer Items are the complimentary feature to member goals. Volunteer Items are used to list ways in which your members can help one another. During onboarding, members are prompted to select how they are capable of offering help. Each volunteer item is mapped to a goal and factor into the recommended member algorithm. For example, if a student indicates interest in a mock interview with an alum who worked in biotechnology, alumni who select both ‘biotechnology’ as an industry of expertise and ‘willing to conduct mock interviews’ will rank higher.

Here is a sample of volunteer items:

Similar to goals, admins have the ability to limit the availability of volunteer items based on member type.

After members select how they are willing to volunteer, these options will be displayed on the member’s profile and searchable in the Member’s tab.

The ability to update both goals and volunteer items means the site adapts to your members’ current needs. Giving your members this strong sense of “why” is critical for network success.

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