Automated Communications

As your members begin to use the site, Wisr will help promote engagement by sending gentle automatic nudges based on individual member activity (or lack thereof), new connections, and overall site activity.

Wisr sends out email notifications to you and the members of your network, depending on a number of factors including (but not limited to): 

  • Your member type
  • If you're an admin
  • If you're a community leader
  • If there's an action you're required to take in the site
  • Membership in a community

Approach to Notifications

Once members join Wisr and begin to join communities, the software will automatically send daily notifications across all communities to members regarding new discussions and events. These daily rollups inform your members of new discussions, events, and activity within their communities. Communities drive a lot of automated communications within your Wisr site and encourage engagement and further activity. To read more about communities and community notifications, please visit the community section here.

Notifications Provided

Below, you'll see a simple overview of the different types of messages we send and when a member may receive them. Since the publication of this article, Wisr may have released or updated the messaging we send, so please reach out to a customer success team member with any questions.

  • Admin notifications
    • Invitations to a new admin
    • New community requested by a member
    • Admin daily digest with requests that need attention and short updates
  • Member notifications
    • Welcome to the network that thanks the member for signing up

    • Email verification
    • New chat messages
  • Profile completion notifications
    • Members who sign up, but do not complete onboarding. These are sent after 2 days, 9 days, and 16 days of not completing a profile

  • Chat reminders
    • Unread chat messages

  • Phone call scheduling
    • You have a new request, prompting the member to propose times
    • Your call has been accepted, prompting the requesting member to confirm a time
    • Your call is confirmed, sending a calendar invite to both members

    • Upcoming call and call has started reminders
    • Submit feedback survey for those who complete a call successfully
    • Reminders when any call scheduling steps are ignored (proposing times, confirming times, missing a call)
  • Communities
    • Invitation to a community from another member

    • Response to a topic or post in a community discussion board
    • Member requested to join (community leaders only)
  • Discussions
    • Discussions daily digest that provides a roll-up summary of new discussions

  • Events
    • Events daily digest that provides a roll-up summary of new events posted and upcoming events
  • Network Wide
    • Monthly member network digest

  • FAQ

    Can members change the frequency of communications they receive?

    Yes, please refer to email notifications under account settings.

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