Enrollment Ambassadors Training

The purpose of this article is to help train school ambassadors for enrollment or yield sites. Ambassadors are liaisons between a school and their prospective students, and this video trains student, alumni, parent, and faculty/staff ambassadors on how to facilitate content and discussions within the Wisr site.

Below is the step by step of what is talked about within the training video:

  1. Administrators need to send invite ambassadors to their invite-only community, and in turn, their Wisr site. If you are an administrator and still need to complete this step, head to our article on Inviting People into a Wisr Community.
  2. Once you receive your community invite email, click the Join Now! button and head to the sign-up page. It should look something like the photo below, just with your school's branding. Make sure you use the same email address as the one you received the invitation on Note: We do not recommend signing up with your LinkedIn, as this site is focused on students and not on your professional resume.
  3. Begin filling out your personal information. For your headline, we recommend one sentence on what you are studying and what you are passionate about on campus. Some examples:
    • Third-year Econ Major with a passion for football
    • First-year undecided student who love student government
    • WisrU Polysci Major and future lawyer
    • WisrU Alumni working in education
    • Parent of a WisrU senior pre-med major
    • Admissions Officer at WisrU
  4. For your location, put in your hometown if you are a student ambassador and your current city if you are an alumni, faculty, staff or parent. Then choose your member type.
  5. Make sure you enter the information for your degree. If you have multiple degrees, just add one for now, and you can finish add more later once you've completed setup.
  6. If you are prompted to, make sure to add your current job information as well.
  7. The final step in the onboarding process is to choose the ways in which you feel comfortable helping others. Choose as many as you would be okay helping out with.
  8. Your invite to your Ambassador hub will show up on your dashboard underneath the Recommended Communities header. Make sure to click Accept Invitation. Once you head to the community, you are able to view the other members of the community and the training content that is there.
  9. Before participating, though, make sure to finish updating your profile. In the top right of the site click the circle with your name or initials in it and choose View Profile. Once in your profile, make sure you add:
    1. A profile photo
    2. A summary with some more detailed information about who you are and your experience at your school
    3. Optional: Intro Video - a link to a public or unlisted Youtube Video
    4. Any additional degrees
    5. Clubs and Organizations
    6. Professional Experience: this could be jobs you've held on campus, internships, academic research, your current position at your school, or jobs you've held in the past
  10. Head to the communities tab, and join any public communities you are instructed to join or feel you can help in any way. Note: Administrators can then promote ambassadors to community leaders
    1. Once you are in the community, make sure you are posting discussions and/or events based on what you were instructed or informed to do from your school
    2. You can post videos to your discussions as well as your profile. To learn how to embed a video in Wisr, head to your training community and read the post there.
  11. Optional: If you are having a specific peer mentor community that you are running, make sure to add a new community in the top of the community tab and create an Invite Only community titled "My Name's Peer Mentor Pod".
  12. Once you have communities down, head to the member tab and see how to chat with others. Once you find someone you want to chat with, click the person's profile or the Send a Message button so you can send a real-time message to the other person. Note: If you miss a chat with someone, you will receive an email reminding you of it

Thank you for onboarding with Wisr! We hope this is a fun experience where you get to talk about the school you love.

If you have any questions on anything in this training video or post, feel free to reach out to support@wisr.io for more.

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