Inviting New Administrators

This article will explain the ways in which you are able to invite administrators to your Wisr site or promote an existing member to administrator status.

Inviting a New Administrator

NOTE: If your colleague has already joined the network, do not use the ‘Add an Admin’ button. Instead, read the section below on promoting a current Wisr member to an administrator.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click the Members tab on the left navigation bar, then select the tab for Admins. There, you'll see a list of all current admins in the site as well as a button at the top right to Add an Admin.

  3. Click Add an Admin and fill in the name, email address, and an optional personal message to invite a colleague to join as an admin.

  4. Your colleague will receive an email informing them that you have created their admin account and they can log in using the temporary password generated by Wisr. Once the new admin creates their profile, they will be able to edit their password.

Promoting a Current Wisr Member to Administrator

  1. Navigate to the Members table again and find the member’s name/email in the existing list of network members.
  2. Click into the name of the member to view the admin side of their profile.

  3. Select the drop down at top right, next to the View Profile button.

  4. There you will see the option to Grant Admin Privileges. Select this.

Your colleague's account will now automatically have administrative access. They will not receive an email when this happens, but the next time they log in, their default landing page will be the admin backend of your Wisr site.

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