Importing Data into Wisr

In this article, we will explain the ways in which data is imported into Wisr, with context for inviting and managing your members.


Pre-verification is the process of importing the list of members who will be invited to access your site and synchronizing any external data with their Wisr record. If you are unfamiliar with how Wisr structures member tables, this article provides more context on the purpose of pre-verifications:  Managing Members.

Download your site-specific import templates

Admins can create pre-verified records individually or in bulk. Wisr will generate site-specific import templates for:

  • Profile Data
  • Degree Data

To download these templates, click Members > view the Pre-Verified tab > click the dropdown next to ‘Add one’ > click bulk upload.

A prompt will appear with a link to download your site-specific import template.

Follow the same process to download a template to import degree information to the academic career section of your member profiles. click Members > view the Pre-Verified tab > click the dropdown next to ‘Add one’ > click ‘Upload degree data’.

We advise creating custom fields before importing records in bulk. Column headers will be added to your template for each custom field you create, allowing you to append fields and directory data to a member. For more information on custom fields, click here.

Formatting Pre-Verification Data

When completing the import templates, please keep in mind the following required columns:






First Name

Text String

50 characters


We recommend using your members’ preferred name.

Last Name

Text String

50 characters


Email Address


Required if no Unique ID is present

Unique ID

Text String

Required if no Email is present

Typically, the ID from your system of record (CRM or SIS)

This field will be used to merge data in future imports.




Must match your member type exactly.

*For more information on member types, click here.

Additional columns beyond the five standard fields will be appended to your import if you have added custom fields to your site. These fields are not required to pre-verify a member. If you choose to import custom field data it will be automatically populated on the member’s record after they create an account. Follow the same process to import directory data into Wisr.

Field Type


Date Field

YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. 2016-06-01)

Multiple Choice

Must match available options exactly


Accepts t/f; true/false; 1/0; y/n; yes/no


Import template will automatically create columns for street, street 2, city, state, and country

Web Link

Must be in a URL format (e.g.

Formatting Education Data

In order to successfully import education data, you will need to provide the following information:




Unique ID


Must match the Unique ID of an existing pre-verification to import



Example: BA, Bachelor of Arts, MBA, Master of Business Administration

Graduation Year


Must be in the format YYYY – e.g. 1985



Optional, but recommended



If you are using subschools (e.g. colleges, departments) these values must match the data set configured during implementation exactly.

Overwriting Pre-Verified Records

To make bulk edits to pre-verification records, follow the same import process described above. Wisr will automatically overwrite existing data with your new import if you use the same unique ID and email address during the import process.

Importing Data for Active Members

Wisr does not currently support an import for active members. To append or overwrite data to Active Members please prepare a CSV in the same formats above ensuring either a Unique ID or Wisr ID is present that matches an existing active member. To export your active members and review your existing member data, read more here: Exporting Data from Wisr.

Once you’ve prepared a file, please submit it to or, if enabled, the files section of your Admin Site.


What if I want to pre-verify multiple email addresses for a member?

To pre-verify multiple email addresses for a member, create two pre-verification records with the same unique ID, each with a different email. When your member accepts an invitation with either invite URL, the site will automatically merge together both pre-verification records into their newly created active record. Wisr will only display one profile per Unique ID for customers using the directory module,

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