Custom Fields

If you are trying to capture additional member profile data other than what is default in the Wisr onboarding and profile completion process, you can create custom fields in your admin backend. Custom field data can be imported into Wisr and exported and added to your team’s CRM or external system of record.

For reference, the default fields we collect are:

Required During Onboarding

Optional Fields (members can add after onboarding)

·       Name

·       Headline

·       Location/Time zone

·       Member Type

·       Degree Information (if applicable)

·       Goals and Volunteer Items

·       Industries

·       Summary

·       Profile Video

·       Clubs and Organizations

·       Job Positions or Professional Experience

·       Resume

How to Create a New Custom Field

As part of your initial implementation, Wisr will help build custom fields in your site. This template is available to submit a list to

  1. Log in to your admin backend and go to Site Settings > Custom Fields
  2. Select what type of field you want to create. We support Text, True/False, Date, Web Link, Multiple Choice and Address fields
  3. Describe the field
    1. Give the field a Name
    2. Add Placeholder Text, which appears when the field is empty and serves as a direction or example value for the member to reference. Note: The placeholder text option will not appear for true/false, date or multiple choice field types.
    3. Provide any Help Text that might be necessary. You can add hyperlinks to the help text using the format [Link Text](link) (Example: Check out [Google]( for more information.)
  4. Select whether or not this is Hidden for Members on their own profiles. If this field is False (not hidden for members), members will be able to see and edit this field on their own profile. If this field is True (hidden to members), members will not be able to see or edit these fields on their profiles and the data will be imported and updated by admins. Most commonly, fields will be False/Not Hidden for Members. Note: This is not where you determine if the field has public or private visibility to other members.
  5. Determine which member types this field applies to.
  6. Select whether or not this field is If this is True (the field is required), it will show up as the final step during onboarding and members will have to enter a value for this field in order to access the network. If this is False (the field is not required), it will be an optional profile field that members can add data to, but are not required to during onboarding. This is up to you, but we recommend being cautious of how many fields you make required for onboarding. When custom fields are required, you’ll capture more data, but may risk lowering onboarding rates. We want to avoid slowing the sign-up process to ensure high conversion rates of members signing up.
  7. Set the Default Visibility. This determines whether or not the data is generally public or private to other active members in the site. Members can always override this default visibility on their own profile.
  8. Determine if this field is Searchablein the Members page as an additional filter. We recommend only enabling this for 1-2 fields—only where it makes sense to sort and filter members by this field.
  9. Select which Profile Group you want this to be displayed with (examples include Education, Work Experience, etc.). This categorizes your custom field and determines where it will show up on a member’s profile. 
  10. Review and hit Submit to create your new custom field. Once you hit submit, this field will be live to collect data.

Note: You will not be able to edit custom fields once they are submitted. This field is now live and potentially has data already associated with it. Reviewing your custom field before submitting it is necessary for a successful site. If you find a mistake in a custom field, contact your Wisr Customer Success Manage to make changes by emailing for custom field updates. 

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