Customizing Member Types, Goals, and Volunteer Items

Member Types

The purpose of this article is to show how to configure Member Types, Goals, and Volunteer Items inside your site. Member Types help differentiate the permissions, actions, and desired experience of your membership.

If you are completely unfamiliar with Member Types, we have an introductory article under How Wisr Works available here: How Wisr Works: Member Types

Member Types are affiliated with the following options, which is explained in greater detail in this article:

  • Member Goals (g. Find a Job Shadow)
  • Member Volunteer Items (g. Offer a Job Shadow)
  • Member’s Onboarding Requirements (g. Job History, Academic History)
  • Member’s Access to specific Custom Fields
  • Member’s Access to specific Modules (g. Directory, Mentor Matching)

Member Types are assigned to your members when imported and must be setup before you can invite members to join your site.

Sample of Member Types

Member types will differ from site to site depending on the purpose of your program. Some examples include:

  • Undergraduate Student
  • Graduate Student
  • Staff/Faculty
  • Parent
  • Community member

Here are a few samples of member types:

Member Goals and Volunteer Items


Goals are a feature that allow members to indicate what type of support they need or, in other words, what they are looking to accomplish by joining Wisr. Goals are accompanied by Next Steps, which are suggested ways to accomplish your goal on the member’s dashboard. Both Goals and Next Steps are fully configurable. They are an important part of establishing the ‘Why’ behind a member joining the program and helping to guide them after completing on-boarding.

Here is a sample of goals, and the corresponding next steps:

Volunteer Items

Volunteer Items are the complimentary feature to Goals. Volunteer Items list ways in which your members can help one another.

Here is a sample of volunteer items:

Volunteer items are displayed on the members profile and are searchable inside of the site:

Help Text

To help keep the volunteer items and goals in your site concise, there is an option to add help text overlays. This provides a space for a more detailed explanation of what the option means within your site.

Connecting Goals and Volunteer Items

In the Wisr backend, admins can link goals and volunteer items together to provide more individualized connection recommendations. Admins can also toggle on and off goals and volunteer items by member type.

For example, the member type ‘Alumni’ may have ‘ Host students for a job shadow at my employer’ as an available volunteer item and goal ‘Shadow an alum working in an industry of interest’ can be visible for the ‘Student’ member type.

Configuring Onboarding Options and Module Access by Member Type

Onboarding is the initial sign-up experience for your members. The steps members go through can be modified by member type.

Here is a list of all onboarding options that are triggered by member type:


During implementation, to help streamline the design of your member types, we have created a template for common use cases, including:

  • Student and Alumni mentorship programs
  • Student peer mentorship programs
  • Alumni professional networking
  • First-year experience and student on-boarding

Download the template here


Can members have multiple member types?

Not currently. Due to the complexity of permissions and next steps that stem from this choice you must have a single default member type. Most programs use custom fields to allow additional differentiation of their members, such as an indicator of an alumni being a board member. All users can also add academic history. As a result, staff or faculty who are also alumni, can list their alma mater’s degree on their profile and will be searchable by that degree information.

Can members select both goals and volunteer items?

Yes. Goals and volunteer items can be toggled on and off in any configuration by member type. A popular example is a recent graduate member type, who may be able to volunteer to help a current student, while also using the site to navigate a job transition and connecting with seasoned alumni.

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