As part of implementation, Wisr will help you to brand your site to fit your program or institution.

Here is an overview of what you can customize:

  • URL Subdomain
  • Site name
  • Logo
  • Login page background (Hero image)
  • Login page description (HTML block)
  • Primary and secondary colors


Below is an example of a customized Wisr site for Wisr University’s ‘Owl Connect’

  1. Logo: Please provide a transparent PNG, EPS or SVG that is 400px wide by 80px tall (it will be scaled to 200px x 40px). JPEG files are not transparent and will be rejected.  
  2. Site Name: The site name will be prominent throughout the site, including the subject line and body of email communications. Avoid site names that start with articles or prepositions (for example, if ‘Owl Connect’ were called ‘The Owl Connect’ marketing email subject lines may read “Join the ‘The Owl Connect’ site).
  3. Login page background: A high-resolution, horizontal background image of your choice will be displayed on your site’s login landing page. The file should be at least 1400 px tall by 12-1600 px wide. We also reuse this image as cover photos for members' profiles. We recommend a nice picture of your campus. Please note that the 'signup' or 'login' box is centered on the screen, so choose an image with a focal point that is either left or right justified—otherwise it will not be visible behind the login box.
  4. Landing Page Description: On the login landing page, there is an open HTML area to describe the purpose of the site and why your members should register. Default text and images are provided but can be changed during implementation.
  5. Primary Color: The primary color will be used on the header of your site and for most call-to-action buttons or icons. This will probably be your institution’s main color. Be sure to have the official hex code available when selecting your primary color.
  6. Secondary Color: The secondary color is used in accent areas throughout the site and should complement your primary color choice.

URL Subdomain

Wisr creates a unique subdomain for each site, ahead of the URL. The format looks like this: [school] This cannot be changed once the site is live. We can make recommendations for site URL structure during implementation. For institutions with multiple sites naming convention looks like this: [program].[school]


If you are curious to see how other programs using Wisr have branded their site, please visit:

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