Customizing Wisr Overview

Why customize Wisr?

As we know, at its core Wisr is tool to build community and connections. This means there are several ways to configure the software to best meet the needs of the programs we power. As you begin to design your site with Wisr’s customer success team it is important to consider different customizable components from brand continuity to program goals. All of this to say, that when we put intentional thought behind program and site design, we can achieve wildly different outcomes. The first step in this process is customizing your Wisr site.

In this article we will cover which features within your Wisr site are customizable and link to additional, in-depth articles where you can find best practices and step-by-step guides. 

What is customizable?

  • Branding
    • We often work with university and college marketing teams when it comes to branding your site. When planning the design of your site, keep these questions in mind:
      • Who will use my site?
      • Is this a campus-wide initiative, or will this site support a smaller program, department, or college?
      • What marketing and communications rules am I required to follow when using school colors and logos?
    • Customizable: URL Subdomain, Site name, Logo, Login page background (Hero image), Login page description (HTML block), Primary and secondary colors, General reply-to address for emails
    • Read this article for more information on branding your site.
  • Member types
    • Member types are how your program participants will select their association with your institution. This is the first use of segmentation in your Wisr site. Members may only select one member type, which will define many subsequent steps in the onboarding process. You may also use member type to pre-set default privacy and visibility settings. Member types are filterable in the directory search feature.
    • Read this article to learn about configuring member types in your site.
  • Goals and Volunteering Items
    • The goals and volunteering items available to your members are decided upon during the implementation process and are a key part of setting up your Wisr site. We will not launch a site without these finalized. The goals and volunteer items selected by your site members will factor into the recommended members algorithm, will determine next steps nudges, and may differ for each member type. Each goal should map to a volunteer item as they become filterable in the member search feature. Your customer success manager is available to offer guidance or feedback and share examples from similar sites/programs.
    • Read this article for a goals and volunteer items breakdown.
  • Custom fields
  • Agendas
  • Modules
    • Depending on your plan, there are a variety of modules that can be extensively customized. Modules have complex enough feature sets that we have created a separate article for each

Who can customize?

Some customizable features are available to administrators in the admin backend and are editable after site launch. However other areas of customization are only accessible by the Wisr team and cannot be changed after your site is live (i.e. site URL).

Now that you have a high-level understanding of what is customizable within your Wisr site, it’s time to take a deeper look at each component part. Continue reading for best practices, frequently asked questions, and Wisr resources.

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