Secure Data Exchange With S3

Wisr supports a secure data exchange for your site using Amazon S3. This can be used as a secure file sharing location to retrieve automated export files out of Wisr, and to securely send both manual and automated files to be imported into Wisr.

Reach out to your Wisr customer success manager via to request a data exchange setup; Wisr will then provision you with both a dedicated AWS IAM user and AWS S3 bucket for your site.


The S3 bucket is fully locked down to exclude any public access, is encrypted using AES-256, and is only accessible by your IAM user and by the Wisr application. This is fully managed by Wisr, and we feel it is important to be transparent about the security protocols in place for this data exchange.

Getting access

After your IAM user is set up, you can retrieve your credentials securely via either the Wisr application or by downloading a file from your Sharepoint site, which is used to securely share implementation files between your team and the Wisr team. Once you have your credentials, you can securely connect to the S3 bucket using any off-the-shelf FTP client that supports S3 (e.g. FileZilla, Cyberduck), scripting tools (we recommend boto3), or any system that supports S3 connections.

If you need any help getting set up, please reach out via for support.

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