Matching Module

Wisr's Matching Module allows you to create highly configured surveys with customized mapping and weights for mentors and mentees directly in your network. You can now power peer mentor, affinity-based mentor, informational interview, job shadow, and athletics programs with automated mentor matching through Wisr. 

Configuring Matching in your Network

1. Turn on Matching

If you are interested in leveraging matching in your network, work with your Customer Success Manager to turn the module on for you in your admin backend. Once it is turned on, you'll see the Matching tab in your left-side navigation bar.

2.  Create Custom Surveys

Work with your Customer Success Manager to create customized surveys for mentors and mentees. You can ask any questions you want here and collect whatever data is relevant to the program or the match, but some typical matching questions are:

  • Industry or Career Area
  • Would you rather mentor a Graduate or Undergraduate student? / Are you a Graduate or Undergraduate student?
  • Do you identify as a first-generation college student?
  • Do you identify as any of the following? Military/Veteran, Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA, International, Adult Learner, etc. 
  • What is your favorite topic or field? STEM, Humanities, Social Sciences, Other
  • Were you involved in the arts in college? / Are you involved in the arts in college?
  • Were you involved in research in college? / Are you involved in research in college?

Once you've created your two surveys, Wisr will help load these surveys into the matching module and configure the requirements for you. Select which member types are mentors and which member types are mentees. If you do not turn a survey on for a member type, that member type will still be able to browse and connect with members in the network as they could before.

3. Set Match Criteria

Map each question from the mentee survey to the mentor survey and set the match weighting. You can customize the match weighting to give certain question matches more significance over others. This gives you the ability to set certain pairings as "bump matches" where members who share this question or quality will be automatically matched, regardless of their compatibility in other questions.

4. Determine Match Capacity

You can set how many mentors each mentee will get. in most cases, you'll be running a one-to-one match, but if you want mentees to be matched with multiple mentors - for example, an informational interview program might want to match students with 3 matches instead of one - you can note it here. Additionally, you can set how many mentees each mentor will get by capturing mentor capacity. The default is one mentee per mentor, but you can switch Capture mentor capacity to TRUE to ask mentors how many mentees they would like to help and allow them to mentor more than one mentee, 

5. Required or Optional?

Matching can be required or optional for members in your network. If you set this as required, the matching survey will show up as the fourth step of onboarding - after Complete your basic profile, Verify your email address, and Get approved - for all member types you've added a survey for. Members will be able to click the Complete the survey button to fill out and submit the survey in the network. Members will not be able to access the network before completing this fourth step.

If the matching survey is optional, members will see a prompt to take the survey on their Dashboard. Members can take the survey to join the match pool or ignore the prompt and use the network as usual without a mentor match. 

This allows a lot of flexibility for creating dedicated mentor networks where matching is required to ensure participation and engagement or making it optional in existing broader networks to provide mentors and mentees with the experience of a dedicated match along with the freedom to explore the network. 

Whether it is required or not, once members have completed their survey, they will land in the Available Matches queue and be ready for a match and members will see a pending notification letting them know their survey has been received.

6. Run the Match

Once you've had enough survey respondents, you can run the match. Click Run Matching to start a match. You'll be able to preview the match before accepting or rejecting the results.

If you are unsatisfied with the results, you can reject the match and change the matching weightings or wait for more respondents to fill out the surveys. 

If you are happy with the results, you can approve the matches and connections will be created for each member. Members will then see their mentor(s) or mentee(s) on their Dashboard under Your Matches and in their Connections.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about our matching module and how to get started implementing this on your campus!

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