Alumni Directory

Alumni Directory Module

Your Wisr network can now be a single destination for alumni and students to browse, search and connect with your entire alumni community.

Enabling our Alumni Directory Module allows you to import your known data on alumni with additional Directory-specific, custom fields and create "inactive" but visible profiles for members to view in the network. Members will be able to toggle from browsing only the active members of the network who they can reach out to through our call scheduling and chat features to searching the entire Alumni Directory, including alumni who are not signed up for your network. 

Setting Up the Alumni Directory

If you are interested in turning on the Alumni Directory Module, contact your Customer Success Manager at and we will work with you to determine you custom Directory needs. 

The process of uploading your Directory data is similar to process of pre-verifying your alumni lists with a few extra Directory fields. Some typical add-on fields are: Preferred Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Marital Status, Preferred Class Year, Home Address, Business Address, Home Phone and Business Phone. We'll work with you to create these Custom Fields for your Directory and set the appropriate settings for these fields. 

When you are ready to upload your data, you can download a template CSV file with columns for all of the custom Directory fields you created, fill in the necessary data and upload the file to your pre-verification table.

How Alumni Directory Works for Members

The Wisr Alumni Directory will look and work similar to your Alumni Directory now, but gives members the ability to connect with each other in addition to searching and viewing as they could before.

Toggle Directory Search On and Off

Members can easily flip Directory Search on and off in the Members tab to search and filter only active network members or to view all profiles (active or inactive) that match their search and filter criteria. You can then filter by location, industry, name and more using the filters to narrow your search. 

Inactive and Active Profiles

Members who have activated their profiles and signed up in your network will have "Active Profiles". These profiles are a typical Wisr profile with the information we capture during on boarding including any additional custom fields you've added or imported data for. Other members in the network will be able to reach out to active members directly through the network with chat messages, calls or in Communities.  

Members you have uploaded for the Alumni Directory, but have not signed up for your Wisr network and activated their accounts will have "Inactive Profiles". These profiles will have a limited amount of information based on the Directory fields you've imported, but members will still be able to search and filter to view these profiles. 

When a member clicks into view an Inactive Profile, they will see a slightly modified profile with a notification that this member has not yet activated their profile in your network. Any Directory fields you've made public will also be visible on the profile here. 

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