Creating a Wisr Landing Page

We recommend creating a landing page for your Wisr network or including a blurb about it on an already existing career or alumni page on your school's main website. This allows your network to show up in a google search or when alumni and students are browsing your website to organically spread awareness, create credibility for your network and boost sign-ups.

Landing Page Components

About the Network

Write a few sentences about the purpose of your network and how your members are able to connect within it. Below is an example of what these sentences might sound like, but if your network is serving a specific purpose or was created to power a certain program, your About the Network section will be slightly different.

[Network Name] is our private, online mentorship and networking site for [School Name] students, alumni, staff, faculty, and supporters. In the network, our community is able to connect to get advice on careers, industries, and more, share expertise and experiences, and support each others' personal and professional development. 

How It Works and Value Propositions

Explain the value of the network and how your members can connect within the network. This is where you demonstrate the reason your community should sign up and what the benefits are of joining the network. This can change depending on whether your landing page is linked from the alumni website, from the career center website or from a different department or section - remember to keep your audience and their needs in mind when drafting this section!

Students: Take 5 minutes to sign up in our Wisr Network today! Indicate your areas of interest and your goals to be instantly matched with alumni in your area of interest who have specifically volunteered to help you achieve your goals. Easily search the network by industry, major, job title, location and more and send messages or schedule calls with alumni volunteers. To participate in group conversations, join Communities and connect with other members who share your interests and background. All of the alumni in the network have volunteered to help you and are waiting for you to reach out. Get started networking today - you never know where these connections could take you!

Alumni and Supporters: Take 5 minutes to sign up in our Wisr Network today! Add a bit more information about yourself and your experience, indicate your areas of expertise and the ways you are willing to help other members in the network and get access to our growing network of alumni and students. Once you're in the network, you can mentor students, share ideas and get advice from peers in your industry, reconnect with classmates and get access to exclusive professional development resources and events. Connect with members by starting a chat message, requesting a call or joining a Community. 

Feel free to include images, screenshots of your network, example profiles and more in this section, as well!

Link or Button

Of course, the most important component of the landing page is the link to your network. Make the button to signup or login as prominent as possible. You can hyperlink different parts of the landing page text to the network, but we recommend featuring a button because it is more eye-catching and more clearly clickable.

Bonus Ideas

While a standard landing page is informative and effective, there are some ways to take your landing page to the next level. 

Featured Alumni

Create a rotating featured alumni section for your landing page by highlighting interesting alumni from the network. Just grab their profile picture, a bit from their About Me section or their Headline in their profile to put together a short biography about them to share on your landing page/website. This encourages new users to sign up because they get to see the interesting and diverse membership of the network and makes current alumni members feel special and appreciated.


Hear of a student or alum that had an exceptionally positive connection or experience inside the network. Grab a 1 or 2 sentence quote from them and put it with their profile picture to create a simple testimonial feature. The easiest and most effective way to demonstrate value and evidence that the network is beneficial is to share success stories from real members!


Click any of the examples below to view the landing page. 

Dedicated Landing Pages


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