Wisr Campus Ambassadors

A great way to leverage engaged students, student leaders on campus, or students interning for your office is to create a Campus Ambassador program. Campus Ambassadors are able to spread the word on campus, engage their personal networks, demonstrate value to their peers, and provide important on-the-ground feedback that you'll want to use to tailor your messaging and plan events for students. Students are often more persuaded to join a network or use a tool when someone shares a success story or demonstrates real value for them personally. This is why we often recommend highlighting an interesting alum or a successful connection between two members in an email or a social media post, but this can happen more organically when you equip a Campus Ambassador with the skill and resources they need to share their experience in your network. 

We've created a cheat sheet that you can share with Campus Ambassadors to give them helpful language and strategies to use when talking to different audiences on campus. 


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