Posting on Social Media

Posting about the launch of the network on your school’s social media accounts gives legitimacy to the site and increases awareness on campus. Social media is a great way to reach the largest audience and create buzz around your network, but social media marketing can often feel daunting and confusing. If we break social media down to its key components: content and timing, it is much easier to create an effective post.

The content of an Effective Social Media Post:

Similar to an email, social media posts should also include something to hook your audience, concise and informative text, and a clear Call-to-Action. Social media posts perform better when an image or video is used. Images and videos can serve as the hook that draws people in. Images and videos should be relevant, interesting, and most of all, eye-catching. It is important to keep the text short because some platforms have character limits (e.g. twitter), use a “see more” feature to cut off large blocks of text, or have a scrolling interface that makes paragraphs look longer and less readable. The image or video allows you to add context to the message without taking up any character space or detracting from the Call-to-Action. Your Call-to-Action should be easy to follow, short and linked to your network site. If it applies, always use relevant hashtags and tag related offices/social media accounts on campus to increase the reach of your post. It is a good idea to create one hashtag for your network and use it in all your posts in addition to other event-based or relevant hashtags. 

Posting Cadence:

Consistency is more important than frequency when it comes to social media. How often you post is up-to-you and your marketing team, but we recommend creating a social media calendar so you can track when you’re posting and how these posts line up with other campus events. By using a calendar and centering it around your broader engagement strategy (emails, on-campus career or alumni events, academic calendar, non-Wisr career/alumni campaigns, etc), you can plan ahead for posts to prevent long stretches of time without a social media update.

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