Planning Campus Events

On-campus events allow you to create network awareness across campus and leverage pre-existing campus activities to market your Wisr network to your community.  

Event-based Marketing:

Big campus events are great for getting information in front of students, alumni and faculty, and discussing the value of using Wisr. Campus events like Homecoming, Career Fairs, and Alumni Banquets or Invitationals are effective times to market your network because alumni and students are already engaged and enthusiastic about your university during these events.

In any presentation, conversation or promotion about your Wisr site, it is important to cover the value propositions and provide a call-to-action like in an email invitation. You can leverage social media and print assets to share the link along with some context to demonstrate value and give your audience the opportunity to click the link and sign up immediately. Click here to read more about social media and here to download print marketing assets. 

Let’s take the example of a Career Fair for students and Homecoming for alumni to demonstrate how you can leverage these events: 

Career Fairs (targeted towards students)

Before the Career Fair, promote your network on social media, include a link to your Wisr site in any emails about the Career Fair or how to prepare for it, and help students sign up career advising appointments and workshops. Remind students that networking and exploring career options are the first steps of any job application. Before they meet an employer at a Career Fair, they can get to know alumni in that industry through your network to learn how to make their resume stand out, how to give a strong elevator pitch, and brainstorm relevant and thoughtful questions. 

Homecoming (targeted towards alumni)

During Homecoming, alumni are particularly interested in reconnecting with their classmates and giving back to their alma mater. Your Wisr network is an extension of these conversations, so you can highlight to alumni that even when Homecoming is over, they can continue the conversations by connecting online. Explain to alumni that this is a network they can use to give and get advice, network and share experiences in whatever capacity or commitment-level they choose. Create a one-page magazine advertisement to include in the program, brochure, alumni magazine or e-newsletter. 

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