Segmenting Your Recipient List

Before thinking about your content or how you want to formulate a strong marketing email, you have to decide WHO you are sending that invitation to. We recommend starting here because it is easier to write a good email for a specific group than it is to write an email that works for everyone and our audience will dictate how we write our email. For example, it is much easier to craft a strong email to your young alumni population where you can highlight the opportunity to both give and get advice in the network than it is to highlight all of the value propositions for all alumni in your list. Because of this, we recommend segmenting your recipient list. We see improved delivery, open and click-through rates when schools divide their recipient lists into cohorts and target the messaging. 

Segments to Consider:


  • Alumni Volunteers
  • Alumni Board Members
  • Alumni from a certain department, program or major
  • Recent Alumni (0-10 years)
  • Recent Graduates (< 1 year)
  • Alumni who attended an event or webinar
  • Alumni who have volunteered to mentor students or host internships/externships in the past


  • Juniors and Seniors
  • Freshman and Sophomores
  • Students from a certain department, program or major
  • Students in career-oriented clubs or organizations
  • Students in affinity groups on campus (International students, First-Generation Students)
  • Students who attended an event, a training or a career-center program

How to Share Your Segmented List with Wisr:

We recommend sharing each segment as a separate recipient list, rather than sharing the segments as a column in one recipient list. This allows contact records to exist on multiple segments. For example, a student may be in the Juniors/Seniors segment and the Athletes segment or an alum may be in the Alumni Association segment and the Business School Alumni segment. Here is an example of how you can share a segmented recipient list with us:

Alumni Association Board Members Segment:

First Name Last Name Email Unique ID Member Type Email Segment
Jane Smith 12345 Alum AA Board Members
Adam Johnson 98765 Alum AA Board Members
Amy Anderson 56780 Alum AA Board Members
James Cosgrove 76540 Alum AA Board Members

International Alumni Segment:

First Name Last Name Email Unique ID Member Type Email Segment
James Cosgrove 76540 Alum International Alumni
Samantha Michaels 10836 Alum International Alumni
Amy Anderson 56780 Alum International Alumni
Christopher Williamson 92475 Alum International Alumni

*Notice that Amy Anderson and James Cosgrove are on both lists and will receive both segmented emails.

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