Email Deliverability

Learn how to maximize the deliverability of the emails Wisr sends from our network and on your behalf. This article explains how Wisr sends email, and what you can do to help make sure emails end up in your recipients' inboxes.

Maximize Deliverability

Wisr sends a variety of emails through our web app to members, as well as on behalf of our schools through shared email service providers, such as Autopilot and Sendgrid. In order to maximize deliverability, we use separate email domains for our transactional email (new messages or call request notifications) and our marketing emails (invitation emails and event digests, activity digests, for example). We do this so that individuals can unsubscribe from the marketing emails, but still get important email notifications in the network via transactional mail.

Whitelisting Wisr Domains & IP's

Many of the people we invite to your network and ultimately join use their email address to create their accounts (mostly students, recent alumni, and staff/faculty). To ensure that they are able to receive our invitation emails and any notifications through the app, we ask that you whitelist the following IPs and domains:

IP Addresses



    • Email comes from
    • Transactional email from the application
    • Inbound emails from members to the application
    • The email comes from
    • Members can unsubscribe from these as needed
    • Digests from the application (activity, events, discussions, etc.)
    • Email campaigns sent by Wisr's Customer Success Services team
    • Email welcoming members to their Wisr site
    • Automated communication email reminders for members to finish their profiles

Whitelisting these domains should guarantee that our emails will be delivered successfully. Sometimes though, even if a domain is whitelisted, certain settings or IT policies may also require IP addresses to be whitelisted or exempted from rate control.

Clean Your Email List

Run your alumni email recipient list through an email cleaning service to identify and remove any emails at risk of bouncing. In order to maintain a positive sending reputation and keep our mail deliverable, we will not send invitations on your behalf to any email list with a potential bounce rate of 3% or higher, until the invalid emails are removed. We use the service NeverBounce to analyze lists and clean them for a small fee ($.005 - $.008/record, depending on how many records are in the list). We're happy to clean your list for you and send you an invoice, otherwise please clean your list before sending to your Wisr Customer Success Manager.
Please note, even if your email list returns a bounce of rate of 3% or less, we still recommend cleaning the list to help us identify emails that may be valid, but are likely to bounce due to common deliverability issues with shared email service providers. If you have a significant portion of your list with the result code Accept All, we will need to review the emails to assess whether or not we will send it to that group. Neverbounce does a great job of explaining their result codes in more detail here:

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