Overview of Campaigns and Email Invitations

After you've launched your network, it is still important to continue to grow membership and market to your community. You'll have new students joining each semester who need to be invited to the network and there will still be alumni and upperclassmen who haven't been converted yet. Wisr can help you continue to invite members and help you create a customized marketing campaign to continue to drive membership growth after your initial launch. Let's get started. 

What is a campaign?

Email marketing campaigns are cohesive, comprehensive email invitation plans. Sometimes it may take three or four reminders about your network in two or three different places to convert someone to join, so it is important to think about a sequence of emails, how they work together, and how you can build in cross-marketing opportunities, rather than thinking about one email as an isolated marketing item. By doing this, you’ll start to consider how marketing your network fits into other on-campus events and initiatives.

Building a campaign:

When building your campaign, think about: 

  1. Audience: who are inviting and how can we best target that audience over this set of emails?
  2. Other Campus Events: what other events are going on on campus or in the world? If Homecoming, Graduation or the Holidays are coming up, it makes sense to include a reference to them in the invitation. We'll be building email content around other events/initiatives on campus to demonstrate to your audience how your network is integrated into other things on campus that they already care about or are involved in. Keep these in mind as you build your campaign and select your target send dates. 
  3. Other Messaging: what other messaging is going out to this audience at the same time? You don't want to have to compete with other messaging happening on campus, so coordinate with other messaging going out and leverage already existing messages to cross-market your network. Try to include a blurb about your network in a newsletter, event invitations or other mass messaging to the appropriate audiences. 

To build a campaign:

  1. Create a timeline for your school with the relevant events like the First Day of Classes, Homecoming, Graduation, Career Fairs, Alumni Reunion Weekends and other significant milestones or events on your campus. Taking these events and other messaging going out from your office into account, plan your target send dates and get them on your calendar. Don't forget to share your timeline with the dates for your email invitations with your Customer Success Team!
  2. Build a sequence of emails using Wisr's templates to send out. We have created a series of different email templates that you can mix and match to create a campaign package. We have general invitations for alumni and students that can serve as the foundations of your campaign and different event-based, identity-targeted, or holiday invitations that allow you to customize your email campaign for various events and audience groups. 
  3. Fill in the gaps in your campaign with social media and in-person outreach to continue to reach your broadest audience.

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